Roles & Responsibilities

  1. Duties and responsibilities are originated from the Legal Metrology Act, 2009, Goa Legal Metrology Rules, 2011 and Legal Metrology Packaged Commodities Rules, 2011.
  2. To act as the Head of Office.
  3. To control all the Assistant Controllers, Inspectors and all other staff working throughout the State of Goa under the Legal Metrology Department.
  4. Supervision of sub-ordinate staff, Assistant Controllers, Inspectors, throughout Goa.
  5. Administrative work of the Department of Legal Metrology, as Head of Office.
  6. Compounding of offences under Legal Metrology Act, 2009 and Rules made thereunder and the Legal Metrology (Packaged Commodities) Rules, 2011.
  7. Exercising in the capacity of Ex-Officio under Secretary.
  8. To act as First Appellate Authority under the Right to Information Act, 2005.
  9. Implementation of Plan matters.
  10. Budget controlling Authority.
  11. Disciplinary Authority to class ‘C’ and ‘D’ posts.
  12. Licencing Authority to the Manufacturer, Dealer and Repairer of weights & measures and Packaged Commodities.
  1. To maintain Secondary Standards in Central Laboratory.
  2. To get the Secondary Standards verified from the Reference Standards Laboratory of the Government of India, at Bangalore / Ahmadabad.
  3. To conduct or to assist in equipments and surveys as specified by the Controller or by Central Government Authorities.
  4. To work as a Vigilance Officer at Head Office, Porvorim.
  5. To work as a Public Grievance Officer at Head Office, Porvorim.
  6. To work as a Nodal Officer for the Department of Legal Metrology.
  7. To work as Drawing and Disbursing Officer for Establishment Staff of the Office of the Controller, Legal Metrology and checking of all Inspectorial Units and Assistant Controllers Office, inclusive of all Accounts matter and getting the records ready for auditing as and when required.
  8. To conduct prosecution case as A.P.P. in the J.M.F.C. Court, if he is authorized to do so by the Controller.
  9. To arrange for the Statutory verification of Working Standards with Secondary Standards and issue of the Certificate of Verification.
  10. To assist the Controller, in his daily routine functions and duties.
  11. Overall supervision over all the Inspectorial Units including the Office of the Assistant Controller of North / South Zone of Goa.
  12. To carry out such other function and duties as and when authorized by the Controller, Legal Metrology.
  13. To act as a Public Information Officer under the Right to Information Act, 2005.
  14. To work as a Public Relation Officer.
  15. To conduct Consumer Awareness Programmes in various institutions.
  16. To work as an incharge of the Nails and Stamping Equipments and distribution of the same to the Assistant Controllers and Inspectors of Legal Metrology.
  17. To act as a Nodal Officer for e-governance, Election process, File Management System, etc.
  1. To supervise the work of Inspectorial Units under his jurisdiction.
  2.  To inspect the Inspectorial Units for internal auditing purpose and submitting reports to the Controller, Legal Metrology, in regards to maintenance of such cash book, etc.
  3. To scrutinize reports and returns received from the Inspectorial Units and submit consolidated reports to the Controller.
  4. To supervise and inspect the working standards and other equipments and arrange for their rectification.
  5.  To arrange for the statutory verification of working standards with secondary standards at Central Laboratory and get the Certificate of Verification.
  6.  To work as a Vigilance Officer in his Districts jurisdiction and check Inspectors tours and verification work of every Inspectorial Units. To carry out about 5 percent sample check of weight or measure verified by Inspectors.
  7. To work as a Public Grievance Officer in his jurisdiction and solve public grievances.
  8.  To conduct raids and joint raids in the markets and weekly bazaars.
  9. To conduct inspections of factories and industries and packing units under Packaged Commodities Rules.
  10. To guide all Inspectorial Units regarding provisions of Acts and Rules and guide them in inspection and surprise visits, as and when required.
  11.  To carry out inspection of premises and taking test for recommending Repairers, Dealers and Manufacturers for issuance of licences.
  12.  Periodical inspection of records of Manufacturers Repairers and Dealers and to check production, sale, stock of weights or measures, etc., in their respective jurisdiction.
  13.  To conduct prosecution cases a A.P.P. in the J.M.F.C. Court if he is authorized to do so by the Controller.
  14. To carry out such other functions and duties as and then authorized by the Controller, Legal Metrology.
  15.  To carry out work of verification and inspection of Weigh Bridges, Dispensing Pumps.
  1. To maintain Working Standard Laboratory attached to his Office and also other equipments including stamps and seals.
  2. To issue notice to Traders for getting their weights or measures verified in time.
  3. To call 20 Traders per day to his Office and check all commercial weights or measures physically with his Working Standards with the help of Laboratory Assistant and Manual Assistant.
  4. To prepare test weight or measure with the help of Laboratory Assistant and Manual Assistant.
  5. Periodical and Surprise Inspection of weights or measures and packaged commodities at the trading premises and conducting joint raids, market inspections with the help of Laboratory Assistant, Manual Assistant / Field Assistant.
  6. To effect seizure of weight or measure, goods, documents and packaged commodities in case, offence is committed or found defective, unstamped, forged, false, non-standards used for fraudulent practices etc.
  7. To file complaints in the Court of Law, with the sanction of Controller and assist the A.P.P. in Court matter.
  8. To prepare Provisional Tour Programme in advance and get it approved by Assistant Controller and act accordingly.
  9. To calibrate Taxi/Auto Rickshaw fare meters.
  10. To carry out such other functions and duties as and when authorised by the Controller.
  11. To conduct Consumer Awareness Programmes.
  12. To organize camps for the purpose of verification and stamping at distant places.
  13. To prepare case for prosecution, monthly reports and submit to the higher authorities well in time regularly.