Department of Legal Metrology, relates to the units of weights and measures, methods of measurements and measuring instruments and the regulatory safeguards to the public.

Key Note By Controller .

To protect the interest of the Consumers, different Act and Rules are in force. To get a commodity in proper weight or measure for the value paid, is a common right of a Consumer. As per the statue and rules for safeguarding the rights of Consumers, Legal Metrology wing is in force.

Legal Metrology wing is a service oriented Government machinery. For information of the general Public regarding the Acts and Rules implemented by this wing, so also the different licences, time limit and complaint disposal, the guidelines in brief are made available in the Citizens’ Charter of the Department. If the general Public is aware of the above guidelines, the Legal Metrology wing will be more people oriented and transparent. So also, I am confident that it will be very helpful to raise the image of the Legal Metrology wing in the interest of the Public / Consumer.

Controller, Legal Metrology
Goa State